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Your visit to Dr. Hovel's office includes a focus on what your condition is and what we can do to troubleshoot for your pain points. We allow our patients to fill out a form detailing the symptoms, pain level, indication and criteria for chiropractic work. Some example question would be the following: - What area of the body is the pain radiating from? - Describe from 1 to 10 the level of pain. Please wear comfortable clothes and if you prefer to wear a gown, we will provide you with one.


A Doctor of Chiropractic will assess the patient for the baseline measurements. Those include blood pressure, heart beat, oxygen level and a mini-stress test. We will test your general fitness level for blood flow issues or setbacks. Dr. Hovel will also look at neurological, orthopedic, and joint and muscle groups. Range of motion of the affected part Muscle tone Muscle strength Neurological integrity Further chiropractic tests may be necessary to assess the affected area, such as having the patient move in a specific manner, posture analysis, or chiropractic manipulation of the affected body part.

X-Ray Examination

Our X-Ray mahcine will look at your posture and determine the structural damage factors in your body. Patients may require a MRI or a CT Scan for further observation. X-Rays are used to determine more serious underlying issues and a neccesary start for the patient.

Report of Findings

Dr. Hovel will assess your examination, your questionnaire, your x-ray examination and make an evaluation based on the data whether you would be a presentable candidate for chiropractic care. The assessment will also deal with care treatment length, number of sessions and what particular techniques will be most effective in dealing with your particular situation. Service costs and service scheduling will also be discussed and determined.

Condition Plan

Your specific treatment plan is developed by Dr. Hovel. In addition this treatment plan will cover physical, nutritional and spiritual changes that will be undergone in your treatment. A visit to one of the experienced Chiropractors at Dr. Hovel's office could be the answer to finding comfort, freedom, movement and balance which promise a more effective daily life. If you have questions and concerns, Dr. Hovel can speak to your particular condition.

Your First Exam

In your first exam, please drink plenty of water prior to coming into the office. The majority of our patients start to see improvements from their initial treatment time with the use of spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, or other physical adjustments. Our treatment involves patient consent and if you do not feel comfortable, we will adjust accordingly. Advice on home care is given including certain activities or positions to avoid, at home exercises and/or stretches, the use of ice/cold packs and the like.

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